Signature Systems products provide the ability to edit signatures, text
Signature Systems - Computer Based Signing Machines

The Signature Systems signing machines are computer based, providing the user with the ability to modify the size and orientation of the signature. All systems include a Windows computer program, plotter and associated cabling.

The Signature Systems products are based on highly accurate computer plotters, providing the highest quality signature replication. Plotter pens are available in black, blue and a variety of colors. They emulate both fountain pens and marker pens. Pen width options vary from extra fine to broad.
Once installed into your computer, the resulting signing system is a Windows™ compatible hardware/software system that reproduces signatures with computer accuracy.
The SignatureWare software provides easy access to all commands through pull-down menus and a tool bar. Signatures can be resized and repositioned on the page by typing in the signature's desired position or simply using the mouse to drag the signature to the proper location on the page. Cutting and pasting is also available, allowing the development of unique phrases. Security provisions allow password protected access to the software and/or individual signature files.

Optional customized handwriting font files can be provided to produce such items as personalized handwritten phrases, notes, and cards from ASCII text files. The optional note writing software can be used on any Windows 98 through XP operating system.
Resize and/or reorient signatures


The Model 750
The Model 750 will automatically feed standard letter-size correspondence for signing. It can also be easily used for single sheet signing. This automatic signing system is based on a refurbished Hewlett Packard Model 7550 plotter.
U.S. Patent No. 4,817,034

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