DAMILIC Corporation has the signature signing machine for your application
DAMILIC Corporation has the machine to solve your signnature signing problems
Automated Signatures by Damilic

Damilic Corporation offers two product lines of automated signature machines to support your signing requirements.

Autopen products are based on the classic sixty year-old design using a template ("matrix") to control a pen movement.

These machines are very simple and easy to use. They will sign with any type of standard writing instrument including fountain pen, ball point pen, felt marker, mechanical pencil, and even crayon.
An automated signature machine will allow an individual or organization to significantly increase their impact on customers/constituents.

Signascript is our newest product line. The machines are similar to the Autopen in that they can use any standard writing instrument. However, they have a larger writing area to accommodate small notes.

Our top-of-the-line model includes a very versatile automatic feed that will handle paper sizes from small cards to large, oversize certificates. Paper thicknesses can range from copy paper to the stiffest certificates.

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